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What Albums Tend to Lack

EARGASM: Nature – Thirsty

Sketch Book:2015


The Weird Truth About Arabic Numerals

The Truth About ‘Truth Serum’

Hank green explains the best drug invented in my home state ohio. the “truth serum”

Tidal for the Loss

Posted by: James Revels III

So Tidal failed like me and most of the media predicted. Oh well hopefully Jay-Z can think up a new better idea next time.

Check out my thoughts on Tidal here.

Where iOS 7 Features Come From!

Marques Brownlee explains where iOS7 features come from

Why Is Fluoride Good for Teeth?

If I ran for President and More!

So I made a short video talking about if I Ran for President as well as 3 other videos you can check on my channel James Revels Composer You should check em out and tell me if they are interesting.

Other work

Sketchbook: 2015

Sonnet 2: Self-made Psychosis

Sonnet 2: Self-made Psychosis

By:James Revels III

Suffering from my own affliction,

I’m looking for a diagnosis

Because I’ve been lacking my vision.

I can’t seem to find my self-made psychosis.

With the onset of new drama,

You will certainly find my disease.

Sneaky little prodromata

Hiding within me.

Tiny catalyst

Tiny Life changers

The lazy analyst

Doesn’t understand the danger.

I give myself my own prognosis,

That one day I will die of my own self-made psychosis.

Here’s a poem from my poetry book “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” titled “Self-made Psychosis”. An embed to the book trailer, a link to a FREE sampler and link to buy the book.

11081371_806765112705045_79280906285194778_n (1)

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Click here to download book and soundtrack sampler