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Black Future Month

So it’s black history month and I don’t know more about black history than the average person so I decided the invert the premise of “looking back” and I’m looking forward to a vision of “black Future” and how we can write the history of the future today. 

I generalize the past eras of black history like this:

1700s: Enslavement

1800s: The Road to Freedom

1900s: The Fight for Our Rights

For this era, I suggest the following name:

2000s: The African American Renaissance

I believe that there is a momentum in the black community that began this century that we have overlooked. With Obama’s election, I believe a new era of Black leadership and excellence is beginning or has been in progress for a while now. The first 3 eras I mentioned are defined by oppression and fighting. I propose that this century, we define our culture by our excellent people and our successes rather than define our culture based on the struggle against another. 

“The Present is the History of the Future” – James Revels III

Written By: James Revels III


How to Hone Empathy into Emotional Intelligence

Empathy is a superpower that allows you to feel and think like other people. Although this sounds cool on paper many people who have empathy would rather give it up or find it a nuisance because it makes you sensitive to other people’s emotions and opinions. Friends and family have all said they would love to give away their empathy and I understand because it’s hard feeling the intense feelings of others. Instead of giving away the power, I implore you to hone your raw empathy into emotional intelligence. Here are my tips on how to begin doing that.

Know Yourself

The first step that I took to honing my empathy was getting to know myself. In order to “detach” from the feelings of others, you must know where your boundaries are. You must understand yourself so that when you empathize you don’t “lose yourself” in the emotion of others. I recommend spending time alone, meditating or write a “personal manifesto”. A personal manifesto is a list of your values and goals, and the list of values is of particular importance here because when you start feeling the opposite of the things you value (such as love, happiness, etc.) you’ll know when you’re entering into someone else’s mind space. Google personal manifesto for some great examples.


Understand but Don’t Embody

The next step is to understand people but not embody them. You can understand someone’s reasoning (or lack of) behind their emotion but most empaths carry those feelings with them long after they have empathized with a person. There’s nothing wrong with getting teary-eyed or tense while empathizing, but you must realize that you are responsible for your own emotions. You may be bent out of shape, but you can always bend yourself back. This is why knowing yourself is important because it gives you an idea of what your baseline emotional state is so you can anchor yourself when you feel lost in someone else’s emotions. Also, the other person is responsible for their own emotions so do what you can to help others, but don’t carry their baggage for them.

Emotions are Memes

The word “meme” was termed by Richard Dawkins in his book “The Selfish Gene” and he asserts that evolution is no longer physical, but mental/cultural. Paraphrasing, He says that ideas evolve like animals that feed on human attention. They can replicate (through social media), and mutate (think of all the variations of your favorite meme). We even intuitively understand saying that things going “viral”. Thoughts and Emotions are memes. Be careful which ones you let feed off you. It’s ok to affirm that you feel someone else’s negative emotion in the moment, but don’t carry it around in your mind like a parasite. I like to imagine “anti-body memes” that clear away unwanted thoughts and then replace them with more desirable memes. The best part about this is not only can you receive memes you can send memes as well. Most empaths I’ve talked to tend to describe themselves as passive containers that embody other people’s emotions. Instead of containers, I see empaths as rechargeable batteries. Not only can they be charged with other people’s emotions, but through empathy and the understanding that comes with it, empaths can charge others with their emotions as well.

Pyromaniac Productions: The Business Plan

Executive Summery

Mission Statement

To ignite the fire of creativity.

Company Information

Pyromaniac Productions is a business that focuses on the cultivation of talent through various means. This includes, but isn’t limited to: One on One mentorship, Audio/visual production, Educational resources, and networking. We are focused on talents that emphasize S.A.M.M. (Science, Art, Mathematics and Music), particularly younger talent (age 16 to 30). We want to create a business that not only helps our clients sharpen their skills, but also aids in jumpstarting their careers.

Business Ideology

Unlike the “divide and conquer” ideology of many business that seek to spread and dominate markets, we have a “unite and refine” ideology. We seek to unite talent together and refine our system over time. We prefer a robust system that will make moderate guaranteed profits in the long term over a shaky system that may maximize profits the short term. We want a business that stands the test of time and to do so we believe that a system with a refined foundation and humanistic morals is the secret ingredient.

Service/Product Line

  • Original Educational Content
  • One on One Mentorship
  • Audio/Video Production (recording and editing)

If I ran for President and More!

So I made a short video talking about if I Ran for President as well as 3 other videos you can check on my channel James Revels Composer You should check em out and tell me if they are interesting.

Other work

Sketchbook: 2015

Sonnet 2: Self-made Psychosis

Sonnet 2: Self-made Psychosis

By:James Revels III

Suffering from my own affliction,

I’m looking for a diagnosis

Because I’ve been lacking my vision.

I can’t seem to find my self-made psychosis.

With the onset of new drama,

You will certainly find my disease.

Sneaky little prodromata

Hiding within me.

Tiny catalyst

Tiny Life changers

The lazy analyst

Doesn’t understand the danger.

I give myself my own prognosis,

That one day I will die of my own self-made psychosis.

Here’s a poem from my poetry book “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” titled “Self-made Psychosis”. An embed to the book trailer, a link to a FREE sampler and link to buy the book.

11081371_806765112705045_79280906285194778_n (1)

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