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Happy 1st of January everyone! For the New Year, we have made a YouTube Channel to post video for your enjoyment. Our first series “Inside the Psyche” will be releasing January 4th. “Inside the Psyche” is a series of short videos with the goal of exploring the psyche through philosophical exploration. For more details, below is the trailer for the channel. Hope to see you on the 4th.

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Happy New’s Years

Happy New Year’s everyone!

I hope you are enjoying day one of 2018. As for us, we have an amazing announcement. Pyromaniac Productions is officially a registered business! We’d love to provide music for your vlogs, films and video games. You can purchase instrumentals here or email us at for custom instrumentals.

Enjoy your New Year and stick to those New Year’s resolutions!

Pyromaniac Productions: The Business Plan

Executive Summery

Mission Statement

To ignite the fire of creativity.

Company Information

Pyromaniac Productions is a business that focuses on the cultivation of talent through various means. This includes, but isn’t limited to: One on One mentorship, Audio/visual production, Educational resources, and networking. We are focused on talents that emphasize S.A.M.M. (Science, Art, Mathematics and Music), particularly younger talent (age 16 to 30). We want to create a business that not only helps our clients sharpen their skills, but also aids in jumpstarting their careers.

Business Ideology

Unlike the “divide and conquer” ideology of many business that seek to spread and dominate markets, we have a “unite and refine” ideology. We seek to unite talent together and refine our system over time. We prefer a robust system that will make moderate guaranteed profits in the long term over a shaky system that may maximize profits the short term. We want a business that stands the test of time and to do so we believe that a system with a refined foundation and humanistic morals is the secret ingredient.

Service/Product Line

  • Original Educational Content
  • One on One Mentorship
  • Audio/Video Production (recording and editing)

If I ran for President and More!

So I made a short video talking about if I Ran for President as well as 3 other videos you can check on my channel James Revels Composer You should check em out and tell me if they are interesting.

Other work

Sketchbook: 2015

Introducing Pyromaniac Productions Wordpress

About the Site

Pyromaniac Productions Logo

Pyromaniac Productions, or ‘P-Squared’ for short, is a movement interested in music production and education. The name stemming from the fire we wish to ignite in the hearts of the creative . This blog is a hub for the network of blogs that span topics on S.A.M.M. (Science Art Math and Music). Occasionally, we feature guest post. If, you have an interesting take on S.A.M.M. email us at

Pyromaniac Productions Network of Blogs

The Evolution of Eloquence –  A blog centered around the written arts, includes poetry, flash fiction and short essays.

Audio SeXXX – A blog centered around music providing Eargasms, Music Reviews and Commentary on the Music Industry.

James Revels Composer – A blog that only posts the music and work of the founder, James Revels III.

About the Founder

gambino pic11081371_806765112705045_79280906285194778_n-1

My names is James Revels III. I’m a composer who likes to create just about everything. As the one man team of Pyromaniac Productions, a movement to promote education and creativity, I not only create music, but also design logos and visuals, produce videos and write lyrics, poetry and short stories. My goal is to live a life of creativity so I don’t waste any of my talents and gifts.

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Get a sampler of my recent poetry book & soundtrack here