Black Future Month

So it’s black history month and I don’t know more about black history than the average person so I decided the invert the premise of “looking back” and I’m looking forward to a vision of “black Future” and how we can write the history of the future today. 

I generalize the past eras of black history like this:

1700s: Enslavement

1800s: The Road to Freedom

1900s: The Fight for Our Rights

For this era, I suggest the following name:

2000s: The African American Renaissance

I believe that there is a momentum in the black community that began this century that we have overlooked. With Obama’s election, I believe a new era of Black leadership and excellence is beginning or has been in progress for a while now. The first 3 eras I mentioned are defined by oppression and fighting. I propose that this century, we define our culture by our excellent people and our successes rather than define our culture based on the struggle against another. 

“The Present is the History of the Future” – James Revels III

Written By: James Revels III


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