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Quick & Dirty Math Lessons – Cartesian Product

Check out James Revels in this episode of Quick & Dirty Math Lessons


Quick & Dirty Math Lessons – Set Theory

Check out James Revels in this episode of Quick & Dirty Math Lessons

Welcome to the Pyro Movement

Welcome to the Pyromaniac Movement, where the mission is to light the fire of creativity in the hearts of others. You are part of a community which spans 4 blogs and we urge you to network with us and each other. Feel free to comment a link to your blog, YouTube, Twitter or any other site which showcases your work in S.A.M.M. (Science, Art, Math, Music) and Writing and I, James Revels III, will check it out and tell you what I think.

Here is the list of blogs and YouTube of the Pyromaniac Movement. Tweet me @jlronthebeat so we can chat it up

The Pyro Movement Blog: This blog posts original content from Pyromaniac Productions and is the Home Blog for the Pyro Movement

Audio SeXXX: This blog promotes musicians and YouTubers, as well as, posts daily “Eargasms” for your enjoyment.

The Evolution of Eloquence: This blog posts poetry and short stories.

James Revels Composer: This blog post my music composition and is also my person blog.


Do you like music? Do you like vlogs? Then James Revels Composer’s Youtube Channel is for you. I post DAILY videos that include piano improvisations, instrumentals, hip-hop songs, and a personal vlog. Follow the creative journey by subscribing today!

Music Tutorial – Reverse Reverb

Micro Speech – Play On

Word Origins

Always wondered where words come from? Well, We have your answers right here?

James Unedited Playlist

Bored? Check out this playlist of one take blogs by James Revels Composer

Beat Preview

Music Theory – Intervals

Music Tutorials – Chord Leading