Why Radio is Dead

My eulogy for radio


2 thoughts on “Why Radio is Dead

  1. First, I like to say thanks for stopping by. Now. Yes, I agree with you on Radio’s passing. I don’t listen to it at all. However, the statement about artists released songs on albums sometimes get listeners to love the collected works of the artist. Something the works or good and other times it may not be. Nevertheless, music seem to be “Dead” on radios when so many talk radio is flourishing in its place.

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    1. the point about most non-single tracks on album usually being wack stems from the fact labels/artists put majority of time & resources promoting a single. A smarter idea is having the dj occasionally play random song from album concurrent to the single. That way the label/artist can balance resources to make each track of relatively same quality and showcase the artists versatility. Whilst creating a variety of music to consumers
      and avoid customers getting burned on the single.


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